At FarmStacks, we're committed to growing the purest produce possible. To us, that means using zero pesticides and non-GMO seeds. We distribute our greens locally and control the entire process from seed to store.

Home growing Systems

  • Table top grow box.

  • DWC terrace kratky box.

  • Balcony green tree.

  • Table top jar.

  • Personalized small jar.

  • Kitchen grow counter.

Social Setups

  • Small scale commercial setups (for SHGs)

  • Corporate building terrace conversion to farm (under CSR).

  • School & Cafetaria setup for agriculture education.

  • Community farms setups for self sustainance of urban buildings.

  • Setups in Mall Basements/Restaurant Terrace.

Automated commercial setups

  • Plant growing factories.

  • 1 acre commercial farming setup.

  • Fully cloud based automated setup. (Plant monitored at every step of growth)

  • Exotic veggies in custom controlled environment. (Any Size)

Air Purification systems (all with added benefit of greenery)

  • Urban city center air purifying plant setup.

  • Home indoor air purifier. (20 plants)

  • Office atmosphere purification plant setup. (20 plants)

  • Desktop fresh air purifier. (2 plants).

  • Basement air purification.

  • Kitchen grow counter.

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